The first week of the trout fishing season was a successful one for some trout fishers, despite chilly temperatures this past week (especially as compared to the months of March and April last year.)

Recent rains have raised the level of the Beaverkill above the average flow, and fly fishers should take care when wading, especially in the higher water.

Early season hatches include Blue Quills and Quill Gordons; last weekend there were reports of black caddis flies hatching, and rising fish in the afternoon.

Fly fishers will want to keep a supply of nymphs on hand, as is traditional during these opening weeks of the trout season; a favorite combination is to use a weighted nymph such as a Zug Bug, as the end fly, with a brightly-colored wet fly such as a Royal Coachman wet fly or a Blue Quill wet fly as the dropper. Trout will be attracted to the dropper but will most often take the end fly.

It’s also a good idea to have some Quill Gordons, Blue Quills and Caddis flies in sizes #16 and #18 in your flybox for when temperatures warm, and under sunny conditions.